Reaching Out Activity Day

Reaching Out Activity Day

What a fantastic Sunday Northants YFC club and county officers had at Adventure Ways this weekend! Members took part in the first Officer training day put on by the Reaching Out team; usually officer training is carried out on an evening. The day was designed to incorporate a mixture of team building, adrenaline pumping activities and information sharing in order to prepare officers for the new YFC year.

Members took part in high ropes where teams built crate towers, Towcester members did a great job getting a stack of 20 high before wobbling to the ground. Next up was the leap of faith, new county chairman Jack Marlow showed bravery by stepping up first, but when he reached the top he was rather unsure about the leap he had to make to catch the hanging trapeze! Members then headed off to learn bush craft skills; they collected fire wood and learnt how to build a successful outdoor fire, which sadly wasn’t quite big enough to cook everyone’s lunch!

The facilities at Adventure ways were great; members enjoyed a BBQ lunch in the outdoor kitchen area and were able to relax in either a shaded picnic area or sofas in the cabins. After lunch, members retreated to the cabin where Sam Conway from the Farming Community Network (FCN) discussed how FCN supports the farming community and showed an informative presentation, this included some shocking statistics which really highlight the reasons why the Reaching Out project is so important. All present wrote on a post it note what they would like to achieve this YFC year, it was interesting to see a range of aims such as ‘win the rally again’ ‘take part in more competitions’ ‘compete at East Midlands area’ to ‘increase weekly meeting turn outs’ we look forward to seeing if any of these aims can be achieved.

The members received information on the Reaching Out’s project aims and club officer leaflets to support them in their new roles; we discussed current issues such as membership retention, wellbeing, YFC expectations, safeguarding and social events.

The weekend was a great success and the Reaching Out team look forward to organising more events where members will have the chance to get to know each other, take part in new activities and just enjoy a great day out! We hope all those that came on Sunday had a great day and we look forward to seeing you at another event soon.

The Reaching Out team.

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