‘Great British Lockdown’ Virtual Rally!

‘Great British Lockdown’ Virtual Rally!

Yes, this would have been our Rally weekend and although this isn’t quite the same, here are six fun competitions for you to have a go at over the next couple of weeks – all entries must be sent to office@northants-yfc.org.uk by 9.00am on 1st June please.

Entries will be judged in three categories:
a) members 16 & under;
b) members 17 – 30 yrs;
c) non-members & associates (so your mum can join in too!)

You can enter as many times as you like, in as many classes as you like!  And please tag us (@northantsyfc) if you’re sharing your pictures on social media.

1. Short Story Competition
Write a short story of an event that has happened to you during lockdown.  It can be of any topic but needs to be something that is relevant to you.  Word count – maximum 500

2. Cake Decoration
Decorate a cake to the theme of the theme of “Great British Lockdown” and provide photos of the completed cake.  Please provide photos of the cake from above and the sides so the full cake can be seen.

3. Flower Arranging
Create a floral arrangement or garden floral design to the theme of “Great British Lockdown” and provide photographs of the completed piece (from all angles).

4. Photography
You can submit a photo to one of the following themes. You are of course welcome to submit a photograph to more than one of these themes!

  • Best Lockdown Hairstyle
  • Best Animal Picture
  • Best Countryside Moment

5. Thank you Keyworkers
Create something to say thank you to the Keyworkers and provide photos.  Some examples of this may be where designs have been created in fields, banners, posters, rainbow paintings etc.
Photos to be provided.  The more the better please as we can use them as a county to create a slideshow for our social media pages

6. Upcycling
Create something out of household items / items around the farm etc (no size requirements) to the theme of “Great British Lockdown” and provide before and after photographs of the materials you used and the completed piece (from all angles).

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