Covid-19 Impact Response Group

Covid-19 Impact Response Group

In accordance with the Charity Commission and NFYFC guidance at this time, when normal governance is too unwieldy and not sufficiently agile to make quick decisions, it has been agreed that the following people will now form the Northants YFC Covid-19 Impact Response Group, with full authority to run the County Federation and make essential management and operational decisions during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Jack Marlow (County Chairman & trustee), Ollie Dicks (County Vice Chairman & trustee), Lucy Cave (County Treasurer & trustee), David Herbert (County President & trustee), Megan Ward (trustee & immediate past County Chairman), Richard Houghton (trustee & County Vice President), Grace Millbank (trustee & NFYFC Council rep) and Kate Everard (County Administrator)

The committee will operate to safeguard the federation’s finances, plan operations/activities now and plan future operations/activities for the recovery period. They will be meeting “remotely” via video call and minutes will be taken to record decisions made and reports will be presented to the County Executive Committee on a regular basis via email.

For more information about the Response Group please contact Jack Marlow, our County Chairman.

The YFC Office at Moulton College is currently closed and Kate Everard, County Administrator, is working from home – she can be contacted by email ( or phone (calls to 01604 670562 are diverted to a mobile).

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