Clay Shoot

1st Will Tarbox Towcester
2nd Chris Page Kelmarsh
3rd Charles Abblitt Oundle
4th James Leaning Kelmarsh
5th James Harrhy Towcester
6th Jack Evans Towcester
7th Ryan Butler Towcester
8th= Tom Cockerill Kelmarsh
8th= Ollie Lawrence Towcester
10th James Davies Oundle
11th= Dan Baseley Towcester
11th= Ted Greenaway Kelmarsh
11th= Oliver Church Towcester
11th= Luke McQuarrie Towcester
15th Connie Reeves Oundle

Tenpin Bowling

1st Katie, Chris, Cesca, Disco Kelmarsh A 370
2nd James, Jack, Charles, Alenka Grendon B 369
3rd Tom, Anna, Wes, Ollie Grendon A 368
4th James I, Thomas, Eiron, Clarissa Towcester A 325
5th James H, Ben, Zoe, Millie Towcester B 323
6th Jess, Connie, Charles, James Oundle B 321
7th Ted, Tom, Jack, Louisa Kelmarsh B 320
8th Todd, Matt, Martha, Grace Oundle A 294
9th Rowan, Georgia, Georgie, Roni Thrapston A 287
10th Mia, Erin, Lucy, Izzy Thrapston B 266

Written Pub Quiz

1st Towcester Legends
2nd Oundle 1
3rd Thrapston
4th Grendon Massive
5th Grendon A1
6th Towcester Cucumberlivable
7th= Oundle Allstars
7th= Kelmarsh 1
9th Kelmarsh 2
10th Grendon Good Health
11th Kelmarsh 3

Junior Member of the Year

1st Oliver Robinson Towcester
2nd Megan Rogers Kelmarsh

Senior Member of the Year

1st Francesca Page Kelmarsh
2nd Lucy Cave Towcester

Situations Vacant

1st Clarissa Davis Towcester
2nd Lucy Cave Towcester
3rd Tom Cockerill Kelmarsh
4th Chris Page Kelmarsh

After Dinner Speaking

1st Francesca, Rosie, Katie, Chris & Rob Kelmarsh
2nd James H, Ollie, Clarissa, Lucy & Megan Towcester


1st Clarissa, Ollie, Lucy & Jack Towcester
2nd Harriet, Ted, Megan & Joe Kelmarsh


1st Billy, James, Ollie & Wes Grendon A
2nd Ollie R, Frank, Luke & Tom Towcester A
3rd Chris, Joe, Rob & Max Kelmarsh B
4th= Hazel, Jess, Todd & Mat Oundle
4th= Georgie, Drew, Mia & Rowan Thrapston
6th Alenka, Katie, Will & Michael Grendon B
7th Olivia, James, Ted & Tom Kelmarsh A
8th Will, Dan, Megan & James Towcester B

Ballroom Dancing

1st Towcester
2nd Kelmarsh
3rd Grendon


=1st Thrapston
=1st Kelmarsh
3rd Grendon
4th Towcester

Christmas Stockjudging

1st Tom Cockerill Kelmarsh
2nd Victoria Middleton Grendon
3rd Grace Millbank Oundle
4th Lucy Hankins Thrapston
5th Ben Baseley Towcester
6th Pazz Ritchie Thrapston
7th Ted Greenaway Kelmarsh

Winter Sports


1st Kelmarsh
2nd Towcester
3rd Grendon
4th Oundle


1st Towcester / Kelmarsh joint team
2nd Oundle / Kelmarsh joint team

Touch Rugby:

1st Towcester
2nd Oundle
3rd Kelmarsh


1st Kelmarsh C Amanda and Ted
2nd Thrapston C Erin and Kyle
3rd Oundle A James and Hazel
4th Towcester Clarissa and Jack
5th= Everyone else

Design a Christmas Card

1st Megan Bowen-Jones Towcester
2nd Amanda Summers Kelmarsh
3rd Alice Skinner Kelmarsh
4th Polly Spokes Towcester
5th Grace Millbank Oundle

County Championship 2017-18

1st Kelmarsh 606
2nd Oundle 595
3rd Towcester 524.5
4th Grendon 467
5th Thrapston  151

You can download the final results sheet here

County Championship 2016-17 

1st Kelmarsh 685
2nd Towcester 609
3rd Grendon 534
4th Oundle 515
5th Thrapston  201